VIA Gra released a video in a new composition

ВИА Гра выпустила клип в новом составе

The band shot a video for the first joint song in new composition, I loved a monster.

The group has released the first clip in a new composition. Video shot on the track I fell in love with a monster. The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the team.

Video filmed in the classic manner of the group. Soloist in skimpy outfits showing off your figures.

The author of the song became the producer group Konstantin Meladze. Co-author of the text is one of the singers of the group Olga Megansa. Director of the clip stud Hindrek Maasik.

The movie in a few hours collected more than 111 thousand spaces.

First song in new composition of VIA Gra released in early October. A track called I love monster at the moment has collected 1.4 million views. Earlier, former soloist VIA Gra Anna Sedokova ridiculed for “chastity belt”.

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