Veterans of the ATO recorded an urgent appeal to Zelensky: “We influence…”

Ветераны АТО записали срочное обращение к Зеленскому: "Будем влиять..."

Veterans of the ATO recorded a video message to the newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Offer assistance in the security sector, according to Veteran Brotherhood info.

“Mr. President, we respect the will of the people and accept the results of the choice of the majority of citizens of Ukraine. But as people who fought for our country, we feel responsible for further development of our country, will influence it by any means in order to strengthen its fight against external and internal enemies of Ukraine,” say the veterans.

They need to root out Pro-Russian forces from Ukrainian authorities to punish the corrupt, that was one of the main promises of the election program Zelensky.

“The remains of Pro-Russian forces responsible for the outbreak of war, they are 5 column in our government,” says one of the veterans.

Ветераны АТО записали срочное обращение к Зеленскому: "Будем влиять..."

A more accurate request of veterans, see the video at the end of the news.

Note that Zelensky made a loud appointment on the post of head of the General staff he put Ruslan Hamakom.

Around his appointment was a scandal, as he led the operation to liberate the Illovaysk, which ended in a terrible tragedy. However, the journalist Alexander Dubinsky denies the guilt of Hamakom for the incident. As noted by the journalist, Ruslan Homchak not led the military operation, and ended up in the “grinder” with all and also risked to die, escaping from the “boiler” provided by the corridor.

“Now trying to shift the blame for the tragedy on the Ilovayskiy of Hamakom is an attempt to remove the blame from Poroshenko and Muzhenko. Because that’s what they were negotiating about how to organize the same humanitarian (white) corridor, which was supposed to leave the Ukrainian troops. Not agreed and Homchak gave the command to break through to their columns, because the Russians have started to pull troops, and if they held out until the end — that would have killed everyone,” said Alexander Dubinsky.

Ветераны АТО записали срочное обращение к Зеленскому: "Будем влиять..."

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada dissolution: Zelensky signed the fateful document details.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made an emergency statement about a deal with Poroshenko: “This is the most valuable.”

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is preparing a nationwide referendum voiced the fateful question.