Verka Serduchka made a scandalous statement on the Eurovision song contest: “Chaos everywhere”

Верка Сердючка сделала скандальное заявление на Евровидении: «Бардак везде»

Verka Serduchka complained about a lot of inconvenience that she experiences in Israel

Andrey Danilko in the image of his unforgettable Verka Serduchka will perform in the second semifinal of the Eurovision song contest-2019. He will perform his own version of the winning Toy.

Danilko told that it is most annoying at the competition. “You know, the mess is everywhere the same, just in other languages. In this case, in Hebrew,” the singer confessed. He added that he tries to hold back and not to worry, writes KP in Ukraine.

Верка Сердючка сделала скандальное заявление на Евровидении: «Бардак везде»

He said that he does not like the organizational aspects of the competition.

“I understand that the heavy workload, everyone is busy, we are not contestants and guests, but it is still possible to build everything clearly so that the person responsible for your specific question. All! We did not ask anyone, not pulled, to come to the car, so we were not late for any event. Yesterday us at the event crushed all stood with their mouths open”, johnny said Danilko.

He added that he believes that the organizers must first do their job: “Run people released, that no one is crushed.”

Complained Danilko and faux pas in the service sector. According to him, he had to get a haircut and he decided to do it in the most ordinary to the local Barber shop. However, when Danilko went there, his staff immediately recognized.

“God, they found out that I immediately turned on “Dancing”, “All is well”. I even asked them to shut down. And they are like children. Behaved so rude that I couldn’t wait for this haircut will end,” remembered him unpleasant episode artist.

As previously reported, in tel Aviv, Andrew the way her character is already managed to cause a stir — with her stage “mother” gave a vivid celebration, and also managed to drink alcohol on the red carpet. While Danilko sang his controversial hit song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” at the opening ceremony.

Верка Сердючка сделала скандальное заявление на Евровидении: «Бардак везде»

To Danilko and his show “mom” appeared on the Ukrainian TV presenter Katya Osadchaya. In the photo you can see how cheerful company resting in front of the competition. The picture shows Kate in an elegant red suit and hat, Verka and mother and the members of their team on the beach. Andrey Shine with the same star on his head and in a white outfit.

“For Verbrechen s Wrcog Serduchka. Chekam on yaskravy you have fnal”, is briefly signed photo Osadchaya.

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