Verified by driver: car life hacks

We have prepared for you some tricks that will greatly facilitate your life.

Перевірено не одним водієм: автомобільні лайфхаки

In the life of every motorist happen unpleasant situation. The door does not open because the window -20, it is unclear where there are dents that do not seem very noticeable, but I would like to eliminate them. We have prepared for you a few tricks. These simple and clever tips will raise owning a car to a new level of comfort and significantly ease your life, informs Rus.Media.

To defrost the car lock will help sanitizer for the hands … a Regular hand sanitizer, which contains alcohol. He quickly defrost the ice on the lock and open the door. For this you can just apply the product key. By the same logic for ” defrosting you can use other spirits.

Toothpaste for polishing headlights. Just apply regular toothpaste on a cloth and Polish the headlights, just a few minutes they will look like new.

The plunger will fix the dents. And if you have a pneumatic plunger, the General beauty from dents and not a trace will remain.

Busted glass, and to replace it with no time or money? Just apply the crack transparent Polish for nails – you will significantly strengthen the glass and prevent further crack propagation.

Keychain alarm and a private head. If you need to open a car door or to start it, and the signal does not reach a keychain from a great distance, then simply bring it to the chin and hit the button. The liquid in the head will be used as a guide and may significantly increase the range of your remote control.

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In reusable cups you can store wipes. Why? Yes, because every car has a Cup holder, but there is no holder for the packing of wet wipes.

Oil on the sealing rubber in the cold. Doors stick because of the moisture between the pads. Just wipe the gasket with a cloth dipped in oil, and then wipe it with a paper towel. The oil will repel water and the doors will no longer freeze.

Ventilate the car without air conditioning. Just open any window in the front and 5-6 times open-close any back door. Opening the door, you will let out of the car the hot air, and the fresh air will be drawn into the car through the front open window. All ingenious is simple.

To open the ring on the keychain, use a staple remover. Using this stationery is so easy to open the key ring. No more broken or damaged nails!

Not to leave traces of stickers on the windshield, just place a sticker under a warm wet towel or newspaper for 10 minutes and she will go without problems.

Tennis ball in the garage for hassle-free Parking.

Hang to the garage ceiling, the ball on the line so that it touched the windshield (or rear – depending how you drive) glass. That touch would mean that here you need to stop.

If you don’t have the special holder for the phone – no problem. Stationery eraser office clip helps to fix the phone on the car panel, if you use it as a Navigator.

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