Vera Brezhnev spoke about the three days of his life

Вера Брежнева рассказала о трех днях своей жизни

Celebrities often complain about the crazy rhythm in which they live. Especially tense is the work schedule from popular artists. Vera Brezhnev spoke about a few days of his life, which she considers not so crazy.

“The only thing that makes me happy — my family does not live in the same crazy pace as I am,” laughs Faith. — Judge for yourself, in Jurmala and in Riga I stayed a little less than a day, in Amsterdam, at the international conference, where I flew as a UN Ambassador on HIV, exactly 24 hours. Then, before flying off to Baku for the festival “HEAT”, managed to work in the Studio to lunch and to meet her younger sister Victoria (Wife of Alexander Tsekalo. — Approx. ed.), we went to the Banksy exhibition and even managed to watch a new movie with Tom cruise. After that I immediately went home, Packed up at nine went to the airport at midnight and flew to Baku. Not very fond of night flights, but sometimes the only way to get there on time. I, like any girl, especially in front of television shooting, it is important to relax. Therefore, when they reached the hotel at five in the morning, I tightly closed the curtains and tried to get some sleep. Six hours was already on his feet, did exercises, then rehearsal, filming, red carpet. Everything went very quickly, I only had time to change outfits. But those six hours were probably the longest sleep for the whole week. It is terrible that after that was another sleepless night due to very early flight. But the plane was still delayed for three hours! To sleep and failed”.

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