Vera Brezhnev showed intimate tattoo

The eldest daughter Vera Brezhneva Sonia Kiperman published in his personal account a photo with his star mom.

Earlier, there were press reports that all the pictures that come from a rising podium stars Sony Instagram vetted from Vera Brezhneva. The singer does not like to comment on his personal life and very rarely puts in the net photos with family and her people.

But 17-year-old Sonia Kiperman published a photo with his mother in Instagram. Vera Brezhnev and her daughter posing for the camera in swimsuits. Of course the two charming beauties in bikinis immediately began to discuss the users.

“What are you cool!!”, “The case when the mother figure is different, and even better than my daughter”, “Incredible beauty!”, “Class! Vera this, Vera and Sonja, you…,” wrote the Instagram user.

Most fans of the singer said Vera looks athletic, fit and young. She looks great in a swimsuit , and in addition, more and great with their children. In the photo mother and daughter look relaxed, sincere and even at home.

Also, many have noticed that Faith has a tattoo, which is located around the intimate area.

“The theme of the tattoo was not disclosed”, “Faith has a tattoo”, “Wow, Faith! what is your tattoo interesting!”, – wrote in a network of attentive users.

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