Venom and Tom hardy turned into a gay couple

Венома и Тома Харди превратили в гей-пару

In the Network appeared a lot of memes and pictures with sexual connotations in relation to the main characters of the movie venom.

Film Studio Marvel venom was released worldwide on October 4. In the story of an alien creature merges with journalist Eddie Brock, played by Tom hardy.

The characters live in the same body, and sometimes venom shows his true face, separated from man.

Netizens who viewed the film, suggested that a symbiote and people are in homosexual relationships. In Twitter there was a set of drawings showing the unusual everyday life of gay couples.

In his debut weekend in the US, the action of venom topped the box office. In addition, the soundtrack for the film was written by the famous rapper Eminem. His music video to the soundtrack of the Venom became a hit.

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