Velodrome in Bromont: a second wind to the track

dizaines-benevoles-pied-oeuvre-depuis(Bromont) Bromont National Cycling Centre (CNCB) is full for several days. Not because cycling enthusiasts converge, but to repair damaged the wooden track of the velodrome and its metallic structure, the weather deteriorating year by year. The work should be completed on June 2

“We have no choice to act quickly. Activities will resume soon and the track is in poor condition in many places. We’re lucky to have sports equipment high in Bromont. We must organize to keep alive the velodrome, “illustrated the Director General of CNCB, Nicolas Legault. Thus, dozens of volunteers are hard at work to give a second wind to the oval, including replacing the damaged boards then solidifying the frame on which they are based. The value of the work is estimated at $ 30,000. More than a hundred employees of the aviation division of General Electric (GE) in Bromont spend nearly 1000 hours to maintain the velodrome and related infrastructure, the sports facility requires an investment of 1,800 hours – per year – dedicated to maintenance.

Next budget for the renovation, CNCB has been a “big boost” from the National Institute of Sport Quebec, a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to support Olympic athletes and professional coaches Quebec. The NPO has supported the work of up to $ 14,000.

Home stretch

According to Nicolas Legault, the useful life of the oval winding down. Hence the importance to restart the project covered velodrome. “We still have two summers before having to do major work on the track. By itself, replacing the wood surface will cost about $ 300,000, he said. Obviously, we would not want to invest a sum like that knowing that the velodrome would still be exposed to rain and snow. Let’s move on file. ”

In fact, the leaders of CNCB much hope on Quebec in order to realize the covered velodrome. The estimated project cost is $ 4.8 million. However, the provincial government refused in February to grant $ 2.6 million to the organization. This had been made on 14 August by the CNCB the Ministry of Education, as part of the support program for sports and recreational facilities – Phase III.

For its part, Bromont was committed to support the project with $ 1 million in services ($ 350,000) and silver in the form of rent of $ 700,000 spaces spanning over 10 years. The budget was to be completed with the financial support of the Quebec Cycling Federation (FQSC) as well as the injection of private funds.

Recall that the Bromont Olympic velodrome comes from the Atlanta Games in 1996. This is the only facility of its kind in Quebec since losing that of Montreal. A second life was given to the oval at its inauguration on CNCB vast site in June 2001.

According to Nicolas Legault, there is no doubt that the CNCB will win the second round of a long struggle to cover the track. “Just seeing all the mobilization of people around the velodrome to keep it in good condition to find that our project is viable. It will not be a white elephant. No doubt we will get there. ”

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