Vegetarians against meat eaters: it became known who lives longer

Вегетарианцы против мясоедов: стало известно, кто живет дольше

The debate between those who refused from eating meat and those who love him AmiNET, go to a real confrontation. To calm these disputes, the experts decided to find out which ways of eating healthier for the body

Experts told are actually vegetarians longer than meat eaters, as is commonly believed at present.

Medical consultant Sarah brewer and nutritionist Juliette, Cello note that a vegetarian diet has a reputation as one of the healthiest, but most people have no idea whether this is due to life expectancy.

Вегетарианцы против мясоедов: стало известно, кто живет дольше

According to experts, recent studies show that a diet based on plant foods, is directly related to the reduction of mortality from cardiovascular disease. One of the key components of the diet is fiber, can lower cholesterol levels. Since dietary fiber will slow the absorption of sugar in the blood, then we are talking about the prevention of diabetes.

It is worth noting the valuable role of fiber as helpers, deducing from an organism of toxic substances, improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, the vegetarians, would seem to live longer than meat eaters.

However, as it turned out, is not so clear. The meat must be present in the diet as a valuable product has a huge number of substances to replace as problematic. For example, it is possible to meet enough people from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, where the life expectancy of the population is high enough. The locals prefer the Scandinavian diet where red meat is replaced by fish and game.

Thus the experts came to the conclusion that crucial in playing a balanced diet, which should be vegetables and fruits, and some animal protein.

Вегетарианцы против мясоедов: стало известно, кто живет дольше

Recall, what is the danger of giving up meat for health

That giving up meat will help get rid of excess weight — just invented the vegetarian myth. Exclude from the diet of meat, people will have to eat more food to feel satiety.

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