Vegetarianism: what is the danger of giving up meat for health

Вегетарианство: чем опасен отказ от мяса для здоровья

Many people today are consciously refuse meat. The reasons for such serious step, all are different: some hope in this way to improve their health or lose weight, others just feel sorry for the animals

What can replace meat?

That giving up meat will help get rid of excess weight — just invented the vegetarian myth. Exclude from the diet of meat, people will have to eat more food to feel satiety. Do not forget that some fruits and vegetables — potatoes, carrots, peaches, plums — the high content of sugar and carbohydrates that can damage the figure. So, do not think that you will lose weight, stopped eating meat and starting to eat more plant foods and dairy products. On the contrary, you risk even to gain weight.
But to play sports without the inclusion in the diet of meat is not only ineffective, but harmful to health. Not getting the micronutrients that are found only in the meat of animals and birds, you will not be able to withstand heavy physical loads. Those who go to the gym or to the fitness required protein foods. A protein that is found in eggs, soy, legumes, does not replace animal protein. You’ll just weaken with each passing day.

Вегетарианство: чем опасен отказ от мяса для здоровья

From hair loss to muscle atrophy

A vegetarian menu will never be balanced and full, because there is always not enough meat. The transition to a plant-based diet leads to deficiency of calcium, iron and vitamins of group B. This leads to a General lack of energy, low immunity, low hemoglobin, anemia. Diagnoses can be listed for a long time. If you stop eating meat, you will be sick more often and longer to be treated. You will be poorer concentration, lower quality of the brain.

Anemia, which appears due to lack of vitamin B12 is only half the problem. Its background can develop even muscle atrophy. Also it is fraught with the deterioration of the nails, hair loss and altered perception of tastes and smells. The foods you always loved, may seem bitter and tasteless.
Without contained in meat calcium, a person will start to hurt your teeth and bones, and without zinc, many vitamins are derived from other products will simply cease to be. As a consequence, there comes a deterioration of health, the body ceases to receive the vital elements.

Вегетарианство: чем опасен отказ от мяса для здоровья

The choice of each

Even if you for some reason decided to give up meat, in any case, no need to carry your food habits on children. Parents somehow believe themselves smarter than the doctors and I think that if the child never ate meat, he did not have. But if the growing body is not together with the meat to get the vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, iodine, its growth can cause problems. Bones become brittle, the brain will develop much more slowly, the child will be weak. Up to a certain age the body does not produce protein. That is, ceasing to feed children meat, you with your hands ruin them.

Вегетарианство: чем опасен отказ от мяса для здоровья

Of course, eating meat or not is a personal choice. Some go further and become a vegan and raw-foodists, but everyone needs to know about the negative consequences that may entail his choice. Nature has so, what people should be eating meat. Let not every day, but meat products should be present in the diet. The only way you will get all the useful vitamins and minerals to feel good and be healthy. No doctor will tell you about the benefits of vegetarianism. Keep this in mind and enjoy a delicious meal!

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