Vegetarianism can lead to unexpected problems

Вегетарианство может привести к неожиданным проблемам

Vegetarians often suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency — according to employees of the Harvard school of public health, noting that provoked the rejection of the meat the B12 deficiency is manifested not only in the form of fatigue and irritability, but also causes more serious violations.

Vitamin B12 deficiency, as reported by the portal, Uinform may be causing problems with memory, and also induce depressive disorders, dementia, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, and even cancer.

A particularly dangerous deficiency of B12 for pregnant women, which eventually can have children with various defects.

“A lack of vitamin B12 affects the brain and spinal cord, and also causes a variety of pathological conditions. If you regularly consume animal products, B12 deficiency can develop only in some very very specific cases, but for vegetarians, the corresponding risk increases many times over” — say the scientists from the US, adding that vegetarians need to Supplement with vitamin B12 if they do not want to undermine their health.


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