Vegetarianism and diet: myths about healthy lifestyles that can harm

Вегетарианство и диеты: мифы о здоровом образе жизни, которые могут навредить

Representation of Ukrainians about a healthy lifestyle is not always true and could hurt

According to the survey, only two-thirds of Ukrainians are satisfied with their physical form. What disgruntled among most women. They badger themselves workouts, diets and switching to vegetarianism.

However, experts believe that common methods of a healthy lifestyle are not suitable for everyone.

Вегетарианство и диеты: мифы о здоровом образе жизни, которые могут навредить

Myth 1. Universal diet.

Truth: actually a universal diet does not exist. For each person, the diet should be drawn up individually, taking into account sex, age and lifestyle. Also an important role in the preparation of the diet plays a history of the disease and the disease in the past.

Myth 2. Veganism is helpful to anyone.

The truth is: not everyone fits a vegan diet. Young women need to include in your diet products of animal origin. This is necessary to maintain hormonal levels, say nutritionists. In addition, such products can remedy the lack of iron in the body. Children and adolescents cannot give up milk. But adults can not drink, because the milk increases the production of insulin in the blood and increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

Вегетарианство и диеты: мифы о здоровом образе жизни, которые могут навредить

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Myth 3. To win the extra weight can only be due to exhausting training at the gym.

Truth: In fact, the simulators need only to keep in shape. Doctors recommend that people with more weight to the gym, as it will slow the momentum of the weight. Training on simulators increase the level of the hormone cortisol.

To completely abandon physical exercise is not necessary, but to focus on cross-fit or weightlifting – the doctors do not advise. The most suitable types of loads is walking, swimming, yoga and Pilates.

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