Vcen invented, Yak posbility of lyudstva from Orina: “Impulse obtained from directly in mozok”

Вчені придумали, як позбавити людство від ожиріння: "Імпульси передаються прямо в мозок"

Ogina STA head cause nasty samopoczucia the first deaths of people in the world vsomu

Vcen vsogo world Tsereteli svoï Susila on borotba iz Savoy the Vaga. Tilki 2015 year 4 milioni died through horobi, POV’yazanyh s oiny. Home reason sivo VA — vivanna zivich calories.

Group vchenih s University Wesconsin in Medan (USA) rosabela efektivni sasb of borotba s ogirinal — villafani in organsm implantat. To thepersonal the time of the invention vzhe uspsa separately in declick laboratories Spolucheni Stats and results of yoga wirabuana Buli apabila journal in Nature Communications.

Вчені придумали, як позбавити людство від ожиріння: "Імпульси передаються прямо в мозок"

The words vchenih, in them implantat have wiggled mcrocapsules the device Genero electric impulse, analog signals, that transporteuse on blucalcium nerve scho contact ASU of slook s mozcom.

Podrn mpulse herbal system Pasila in the head mozok Razi hunger, navchannya, newbpwng I I. T. P. developers from implantate nadoli Yogo program, Yak translu the same type signal, that slunk adresu mosku when svoa saponin Jew.

Hello people of z ogirinal in implantat Mauger pracovat, if the stench z duty lachey small number of products and — as a consequence, the volume z danego the day scorches scho I spria Chudnenko.

Professionals stargoat scho idea stimulat blutalkohol nerve in quality sapong, Yak which deprives from Ajina — already niyak not new, this method is not disposable good Wieslaw yourself in wyprobowanych involving laboratory. Desagana of this project in the fact scho venim unable stvoriti of the divice, scho not potrebu pjatachki. The stench protestowali in implantat on the Mish s ogirinal — divice dopomogli m pozbutisya 40% of the vagi.

Now torts implantate, that rate from ogina, planuoti wirabuana attach for more great tvarin and next — clincin test on dobrovolcy middle people.

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Вчені придумали, як позбавити людство від ожиріння: "Імпульси передаються прямо в мозок"

“Peremoga tsogo method to the methods baratric hrung — for example, sluncove souvanny — – oborotni. 12 tiinv after operas the Patsyuk vidalii attach, and the stench vanavil svy mode harchuvannya”, — Ruspoli in the article is absurd project.

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