Vanessa Demouy reveals why she has taken to publicise its separation with Philippe Lellouche – Here

After 16 years of relationship and seven years of marriage, Vanessa Demouy and Philippe Lellouche are separated. The relatives of Solal, 14 years old, and Sharlie, 6 years, have put an end to their story. Information that coménienne took care to relay in the media. In fact, she has decided, against all odds, to make public his break.

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In an interview with Tv Star to appear on newsstands on Monday 18 September, the actress, 44 years old, is back on his choice to publicise the news : “It was very painful because I don’t want anyone to think that I use the media to solve anything. But Philip begins a new piece, and it is tiring to answer fifty times a day : ‘Why you are not in the room ?’ or ‘who is the lady with which we have seen Philip, and that was not you ?’ “said the actress.

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After Vanessa Demouy, their personalities opposite have finally “killed” the couple : “Our characters do not evolve in the same way. But I have not lost my illusions, and I want to believe that love can last forever. I take back the reins of my life. It is a jump, nerve-wracking, but you don’t have the choice, it is necessary to go there ! “And despite this challenging time, the actress is trying to protect her children :” They’re the least evil possible. After all, you know that children are very protective of their parents. If I revealed this separation is also for peace sheet ! “It is said !

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