Vakarchuk turned to walk to the Parliament, but made a fatal mistake! Chornovil “washed” musician: “Looks like a game with yourself”

Вакарчук засобирался в Раду, но совершил роковую ошибку! Черновол "умыл" музыканта: "Выглядит, как игра с самим собой"

Taras Chornovil spoke about political plans and ambitions Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

While Svyatoslav Vakarchuk not quite prepared for political activity, however, it may elect in parliamentary elections. But the main question is, will Vakarchuk to work in Parliament or to take part in the race for self-affirmation.

This opinion was expressed by political scientist Taras Chornovil in the air of the program “Comments” on channel ZIK.

“Vakarchuk a little confused, looked at Zelensky and was surprised that it was possible to do so. Many people have the idea arose that it would seem, before serious political prospects did not have”, — said the expert.

The idea of the March parliamentary elections Svyatoslav Vakarchuk many more times will reconsider, says Taras Chornovil. Chornovil remembered that Vakarchuk was in Parliament in 2004, have actively supported Yushchenko, in 2007, worked with like-minded people. While Svyatoslav Vakarchuk not quite prepared for politics, said the analyst.

“Some of his statements — rather superficial. Don’t know how many years need to learn at Stanford, but apparently now it’s not enough. In Parliament we have to work, and especially the leader of the faction. You must create a legal political product, the political line,” — said the expert.

Taras Chornovil believes that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk can go to the Verkhovna Rada.

“Vakarchuk will be able to work in Parliament, but would — is another matter. It is unclear whether he took the final decision. To me it looks like a game with himself, to gratify their ambitions,” — says the expert.

Вакарчук засобирался в Раду, но совершил роковую ошибку! Черновол "умыл" музыканта: "Выглядит, как игра с самим собой"

Also earlier it was reported that according to the magazine “New time”, the campaign headquarters of the leader of group “Ocean Elzy” has been formed but it can lead the former Deputy Minister of economy Yulia Klimenko.

While officially this information has not been confirmed.

It should be noted that now the experts are rather skeptical about the chances Vakarchuk for success in politics. Thus, the level of support conditional party is only at around 1.5%.

Sociologists say that Vakarchuk could win over the voters of other parties, but it will be extremely difficult – previously, he disappointed many of his fans by refusing to participate in presidential elections.

Recall, Vakarchuk made a fatal mistake.

As reported Politeka, Vakarchuk paid for support Poroshenko.

Also Politeka wrote that what struck Ukrainians candid photos.