Vakarchuk sights on success Zelensky: disclosed the tactics of the musician in the elections

Вакарчук замахнулся на успех Зеленского: раскрыта тактика музыканта на выборах

Disclosed new details about the election campaign of the party of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, who allegedly planned to go for parliamentary elections with the political force

Earlier in mass media there were messages that the leader of group “Ocean of Elza” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, despite its past failures in policy, plans this fall to participate in the parliamentary election with his party. In telegram-channel “pack.Off the record”, new information about the plans of the musician.

It is reported that Vakarchuk is preparing for elections, it is not yet clear whether he plans to become a Deputy.

“However, he has already held political consultations on the unification of “healthy democratic forces””, — says the publication.

According to media reports, close associates Vakarchuk became the former Deputy economy Minister Julia Klimenko, former Executive Director of Transparency International Yaroslav Yurchyshyn and Advisor to the Minister of economic development Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

Вакарчук замахнулся на успех Зеленского: раскрыта тактика музыканта на выборах

“May 16, allegedly planned the video Vakarchuk, where the musician said he sees his political future”, — stated in the message.

It is noteworthy that the format of the video makes you think about how, not whether to try, what to use in their election campaign tactics of the winner of the presidential election of Vladimir Zelensky.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that experts have uncovered a channel “Direct” the name of the oligarch who can pull of the leader of group “Ocean Elzy”. There are rumors that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk announced the creation of his own political party and the beginning of the campaign.

According to sources, the musician can stand a few influential figures. The most likely candidate is Viktor Pinchuk. This was stated by the political analyst Taras Berezovets:

Вакарчук замахнулся на успех Зеленского: раскрыта тактика музыканта на выборах

“To support media and financial Vakarchuk will be able first Victor Pinchuk. Under this unfolds the second series of the project “New leaders”,” — said the expert. — “It is logical to assume that this platform “New leaders” can become a platform for Vakarchuk. The first project failed, it actually failed.”

Taras Berezovets believes that political movements Svyatoslav Vakarchuk connected with parliamentary elections. Someone is trying to breathe new life into the image of the artist.

Recall that Vakarchuk disgraced decision to get into Parliament.

As reported Politeka, Chornovil “washed” Vakarchuk, who was preparing in Parliament.

Politeka also wrote that the campaign Vakarchuk in Parliament was a shock to the Ukrainians.