Vakarchuk disgraced decision to get into the Parliament: “the Success of Zee not to repeat”

Вакарчук оскандалился решением пробиться в Раду: "Успех Зе не повторить"

The famous musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk will not be able to surpass the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky

The journalist Denis Ivanesko told that the attempt of the musician to break into the Verkhovna Rada is doomed to failure. The opinion he expressed on the page in social network Facebook.

The author recalled that 12 years ago, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has already tried his hand at the role of the MP. Then he failed to meet the expectations of Ukrainians. Denis ivanesko I am sure that this time the soloist of the band “Okean Elzy” is doomed to failure in Parliament.

Вакарчук оскандалился решением пробиться в Раду: "Успех Зе не повторить"

“Why Vakarchuk doesn’t work? He was in Parliament in 2007. Skipped half of the meetings and has not submitted a single bill. Remember… nothing more than a( year gave up and laid down his mandate. Why is he going a second time? Don’t understand the hype. The success of ze Vakarchuk not to repeat — there is another nature”, — said the journalist in his publication.

Denis ivanesko added that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has disappointed him not just politics. According to him, currently he can not please the Ukrainians, even their music. The group has long been not releasing good songs. Therefore Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is slowly but surely disappearing:

Вакарчук оскандалился решением пробиться в Раду: "Успех Зе не повторить"

“I’ve been turning on the radio when I hear his songs, filling the worthless quota. After the Pine trees he had there was nothing better. Vakarchuk — a fading star of the past. His best days are behind us and the policy will not give a second breath. Now, if Jerry Heil went to the Parliament or Potap — that would be the room!”.

On may 8 it became known that Mr. Vakarchuk decided to go for the parliamentary elections. Next week the soloist of group “Ocean Elzy” should provide the Ukrainians their political team. The press service of the group Okean Elzy, this information is not denied, but not confirmed. Insiders also can’t tell the exact time and place where a musician can make his statement. Only known date — 16 may.

According to rumors, the campaign staff can lead the former Deputy Minister of economy Yulia Klimenko. In addition, a place in the team predicting the head of the Ministry of health Ulyana Suprun. However, many experts are skeptical about the chances Vakarchuk for success in politics. So, sociologists have calculated the popularity has not even announced the party is only 1.5% of the population. Probably Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is able to win over voters of other parties, but it will be extremely difficult – previously, he disappointed many of his fans by refusing to participate in presidential elections.

We will remind, “the First in the list Poroshenko, second …”: the campaign Vakarchuk in Parliament was a shock to the Ukrainians.

As reported Politeka, Chornovil “washed” Vakarchuk, who was preparing in the Parliament: “Looked at Zelensky and…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Vakarchuk expressed all of the inhabitants of Donbass: “no right to a decent life”.