Vakarchuk confessed, where will the money for the elections: “All we get from…”

Вакарчук признался, откуда возьмет деньги на выборы: "Все мы получим от..."

The leader of the party “Voice” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk told how much it will cost his parliamentary election campaign

He told this to journalists after the action “Change Parliament will change Ukraine” on Tuesday, reports UKRINFORM.

“Our election campaign will cost a little more than we had planned, but about 80 plus, let, to 100 million hryvnia. All the money we receive from representatives of major non-oligarchic or medium business”, — said Vakarchuk.

Вакарчук признался, откуда возьмет деньги на выборы: "Все мы получим от..."

The leader of the party said that all donations are “white” and most of them are public.

“You’ll see them on the website, in our official reports. Weekly we discover more and more people who are willing to support us. I personally passed the first one and a half million hryvnias in our campaign,” — said Vakarchuk.

He assured that the party gets no money from the oligarchs, because it is “contrary to moral principles”.

Recall that parliamentary elections will be held more quickly. About it in a video interview Politeka told a Ukrainian journalist Kirill Sazonov. According to him, it is beneficial in the first place the former President of Petro Poroshenko, because the low rating of his party is rapidly declining. Benefit from early elections and the new President, Vladimir Zelensky.

“The ratings of the party Poroshenko fall, in the fall, he could not pass at all. Party of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk in the opposite situation — his rating grows. The chorus, like Zelensky, crazy recognition, and if the elections were in the fall, the ratings of “the Voice” has also grown incredibly, ” says Sazonov.

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Вакарчук признался, откуда возьмет деньги на выборы: "Все мы получим от..."

The journalist also thinks the ranking that shows “the Voice” Vakarchuk on the third place, it is viable. Ukrainian like Vakarchuk selects people, and the team had interesting, said Sazonov.

“A very high demand for new faces, but to take people off the streets Ukrainians fear. When Vakarchuk showed his team, the rating of his party, too, began to grow. Besides, what clearly stands for the Patriotic electorate — he takes all of the electorate Poroshenko,” writes Sazonov.

Recall Vakarchuk kicked out of “the Voice” has found a stellar replacement: “Not my war”.

As reported Politeka, Kutsenko admitted, as he was invited to fight in the Donbass: “I was called Vakarchuk”.

Also Politeka wrote that revealed the plan of salvation Poroshenko, the arrest is cancelled: “have mastered the plane.”