Vaikule called hypnotherapy frankness: “but th*big”

Вайкуле вызвала Пугачеву на откровенность: «го*но сплошное»

Laima Vaikule begged Alla Pugacheva’s right to be her successor

Spouse Pugacheva Maksim Galkin has removed on video as two of the famous singer “sort things out”.

Showman, comedian, TV presenter Galkin has shared on his page on the social network Instagram a funny video in which two old friends of Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule find out who will be the successor of the prima Donna.

Вайкуле вызвала Пугачеву на откровенность: «го*но сплошное»

Vajkule had to call Pugachev frankness, she said the phrase that she said about the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which left the country of the aggressor to build a career.

We will remind, recently at the festival “New wave” Pugacheva has given a kind of blessing to the Ukrainian, hinting that she supposedly came on her shift.

And Maxim Galkin in Instagram posts a video where his star wife with his not less famous friend, laughing, standing on the promenade in Jurmala. While Laima Vaikule Pugachev’s messing with something to say.

“Live in peace, the country. We now have another”, says Joe, odoevskii.

“Another one?! Who is this?” asks her Vajkule.

“Everyone knows,” answers Donna.

Internet users then posted comments under the video on the page Galkina: “apparently, stebut Performance Loboda in the evening Cool”, “Some write that drunk. And you that, without a bottle not laughing, not joking, not kidding!? Some straight, and only come to the comments to*men, not people, but the continuous shit”, “They are at that age and in that status, I could afford to live as you want, you have the right. And in a country of many is not easy, for many reasons”, “never Loboda will not be on the level of Alla and limes”, “Cheerful old women”, “Forever drunk”, “so cool girls! Always positive”.

Вайкуле вызвала Пугачеву на откровенность: «го*но сплошное»

Вайкуле вызвала Пугачеву на откровенность: «го*но сплошное»

As we wrote earlier, the long-standing scandal give Pugacheva has received unexpected continuation.

Вайкуле вызвала Пугачеву на откровенность: «го*но сплошное»

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Вайкуле вызвала Пугачеву на откровенность: «го*но сплошное»

Pugacheva lives in a huge castle in the village of the Mud together with her husband Maxim Galkin and their children. The Diva has another property. In the Small village of Berezhki in the Istra district of the Moscow region is a country singer.

Вайкуле вызвала Пугачеву на откровенность: «го*но сплошное»

Many years ago, caught in a scandal. The office of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of nature is concerned bath Pugacheva, built at 36.5 m from the Istra reservoir. Although by law the distance should be 55 metres. Then Pugacheva asked to demolish the structure.

Now officials worried the iron fence that restricts other gardeners access to water. In the winter of 2018 was drawn up a Protocol on administrative offense. Alla Pugacheva fined for three thousand rubles, as the fence “blocked the access of citizens to water object of General use and its shoreline”.

However, the prima Donna of the penalty and decided not to pay, so it imposed an administrative fine of six thousand rubles. In the worst case the actress faces administrative arrest for up to 15 days, or compulsory work for a term up to 50 hours.

Recall, photos Pugacheva without filters leaking, the singer does not know.

As reported Politeka, half-naked Galkin was stunned with the outburst on camera.

Also Politeka wrote that a terrible secret best friend Pugacheva came to light after death.