Vadim Novinsky: We United for the sake of unity of Ukraine, peace and development!

Вадим Новинский: Мы объединились ради единения Украины, мира и развития!

“Since September of 2018 we played with the idea of uniting all opposition, progressive democratic forces. And now, before the extraordinary parliamentary elections, we found common ground, which, together with the common values between our parties very much. And today we came together to have peace and to ensure economic development”, — said the TV channel “NASH” the head of the faction OPPOSITION BLOC Vadim NOVINSKY

June 7, on the Pedestrian bridge in Kiev 5 opposition parties said on joint participation in parliamentary elections and concluded a Memorandum of unity of opposition forces. Part of a United opposition team will include representatives of the party “OPPOSITION BLOC”, “the PARTY of PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT”, “RENEWAL”, “TRUST business”, “OUR”.

The opposition leader Vadim NOVINSKY believes that the merger occurred in order to among the Ukrainians also, it is mutual understanding and respect. “And, as we have repeatedly stated, our doors are open to all who want peace and development for our country!” — urged supporters Vadim NOVINSKY.

According to the leader of the opposition Vadim NOVINSKY in the coming days, will be held unity Congress presentation of the programme of action and announced the list of candidates of parties of a joint team.

“The identity of the leader still being debated. All will be known at the Congress of our United political force. And how will it be called and who will lead it,” he told reporters Vadim NOVINSKY. “Ukrainians appreciate our program. Our team includes the leaders of local government, mayors of towns and cities of Ukraine, captains of the domestic industry. People who on a daily basis and to work productively in their cities, solving the pressing problems of ordinary Ukrainians. People who used to be responsible for their actions. Is business people”, — said Vadim NOVINSKY.

“We United for the sake of unity of our country and why we have such a wide geography. It is no coincidence that today’s signing took place on the bridge. The bridge is always a symbol of unity. That’s it for that United politicians from different parts of our great Ukraine”, — said the leader of the opposition.