Usher: accused of having exposed an ex with herpes, it defends itself – Here

A woman has filed a complaint against Usher to have it exposed to herpes.

Usher is once again in fine (or rather dirty) linen. A few days ago, a woman announced that she lodged a complaint against the singer for ” negligence, bodily harm and emotional distress “. In fact, Quantasia Sharpton accuses the star of having it exposed to the herpes virus during one of their sexual relations. A dark story that resurfaces 5 years after having been condemned by the law for the same facts.

The young woman and the singer were in a relationship and have had reports on several occasions. She would have also joined in a hotel room in New Orleans, that night they would not have used condoms. The complainant asserts not to have been aware that her partner was a carrier of the herpes virus and even if it has not been contaminated, it continues to Usher to the be exposed.

Silent since the beginning of the case, Usher has entrusted to relatives, this whole story would be totally false. According to TMZ, the performer of Yeah explains that it is simply impossible. He said that at the time of the facts, he was on the verge of getting engaged to his current wife, Grace Miguel, and he was going absolutely all his time with her, since she was also his manager. The bedroom to the office, so they were together constantly.

His entourage supports him and adds that the lovers have not been able to reach to the hotel this famous evening. Usher would have ended his concert later than planned, and meetings with the artist planned for after the show took place well after midnight, when Quantasia Sharpton reportedly said that they would be seen precisely at this time.

Meanwhile, other victims made themselves known. In 2012, Usher was sentenced to pay $ 1 million in damages to one of his ex-conquests contaminated. “U got it bad” , sang it… The chorus is going to turn into a loop.

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