Useful tips for all dieters

Полезные советы для всех худеющих

Weight loss… How many subtleties lies in this one small word. It involves many rules and secrets, the observance of which can lead to a perfect appearance. It seems that it is too difficult, but because millions of people around the world have been able to get rid of the hated kilograms and now happy. Take these tips and move boldly toward your dream.

Rules of nutrition during weight loss

First, your diet needs to evaporate all fast carbs. They lead to a rapid saturation of the body – food is digested too quickly, then your stomach is hungry again. Slow carbs (also called complex) provide the saturation for a long time.

Second, stop eating harmful baked goods, especially those that contain added sugar. They are no good do not lead. But whole wheat bread and rye bread allowed to eat. They have fiber, which allows the exchange of substances. Besides, they are not high in calories.

Thirdly, change the relationship to the methods of cooking. Understand that the roasting poses a serious threat not so much your waist, but in the General health. Safer to consume boiled, steamed dishes or grilled with minimal oil.

Fourth, don’t forget the number of meals. There should be at least 5. Between each main – Breakfast, lunch and dinner, too, need something to eat. It can be any fruit, vegetable, Cup of yogurt, a handful of nuts. The options are actually a huge variety. But forget about fast food burgers, granola and even candy bars that position themselves as light. In fact, they are rich in sugar. To ensure the safety of the product, it is necessary to get acquainted with the squad.

Fifth, eat more vegetables and fruits. It is virtually 70 percent of your diet point weight loss (and in principle they should pay a lot of attention). Protein should also be included in the diet, as it contributes to building muscle.

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Sixth, forget about bad habits like alcohol and Smoking. Even the glass of dry wine is able to hold fluid in the body, and thus hamper weight loss.

Seventh, forget about receiving a magic pill for weight loss. Unfortunately, this does not exist, because if it were, each of us had to work for years on his body. All fat burners can only have a negative impact on your health, besides, they operate only in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.

You should also drink plenty of clean water at the rate of 30 milliliters per kilogram of your weight. Forget about excessive consumption of coffee and tea, as due to excess fluids are formed swelling and inflammation, and in finding a beautiful body it would be completely useless. Especially the teas with sugar.

Salt is also not the most useful ingredient in the human diet. No, this Supplement is possible, but not more than 5 grams per day. Otherwise, it will delay the liquid. Use any seasonings – pepper, garlic, onion, spices, but do not replace them with universal, as their composition is also salt present.


Be sure to keep a food diary. Not necessarily record everything in a notebook or diary. Now there are many applications created for counting calories. This will help to see how much you eat per day and monitor the process of weight loss. Moreover, it is possible to drive from the meal plan for the week and go follow him. This you will save from compulsive overeating and unnecessary purchases in the store. In order to lose weight, you need of daily caloric take away 20-30% (or 500 calories).

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By the way, always weigh your portions. This will prevent you from overeating. You’d be surprised how much actually is needed by the body and how much we sometimes eat! It is also recommended to use small plates. For convenience, you can prepare for a few days and to distribute all of the food in equal portions into containers.

Don’t forget that Breakfast is almost the most important meal of the day. It needs to be 300-400 calories and consist mainly of complex carbohydrates. This will give energy for the whole day. In addition, before Breakfast, drink a glass of clean water to start the process of metabolism.

Remember that the process of losing weight can not last a month or two. Hurry in losing weight is not beneficial. So do not go on a strict diet, and to wait a week and think that everything will work out. On the contrary, you will gain a lot more pounds than to diet. Nutrition should be balanced and contain a lot of useful micro – and macro.

The rules of the sport

Exercise – the key to health and beautiful figure. Therefore, those who want to “burn” fat, it’s to not only remember, but also regularly visit the gym or do any sports. Fitness, stretching, yoga, Cycling, swimming, running or brisk walking – all this will contribute to your weight loss. Even if you have no opportunity to attend specialized agencies, nothing prevents you to do at home. This will take only a convenient form and low inventory, which you can make handy tools.

By the way, keep physical activity at any time. For example, while brushing your teeth, squat, and during the harvest dance. Also forget about using the elevators – the stairs will be a great cardio workout for any person. Often need to walk in the summer you can opt out of the transport. Even watching TV can be actively – swing at this time, press or bicep.

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Can be enjoyed under different videoframerate. Fortunately, in the age of the Internet you can find them in huge variety. Choose to your taste and go!

Personal care

To control the process of weight loss and to see even the slightest changes, it is necessary to allocate one day a week for measurements. Using a measuring tape, measure critical parameters – chest, waist, buttocks – record them in a special notebook. Also don’t forget about the weight. In addition, you can help photography. Quite often we do not notice in the mirror changes as they get used to their appearance. But the side view is very motivating.

Be sure to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. After all, the dream aktiviziruyutsya the process of weight loss. Fatigue can trigger chronic stress, which you the habit will start to eat something tasty, but very harmful.

Wear tight things. Yes, it may sound strange, but in fact it will help to keep yourself in shape. First, you will see their flaws, they will cease to hide. And second, tight clothes will resist the desire to eat something, to dissolve the stomach.

And finally — forget about the various treatments offered by beauty salons. In fact they operate only in conjunction with a healthy diet and sport, and can harm. To your skin is not exposed to cellulite, you could walk except for a massage, or do them on your own. Also do not forget about the moisturizer and scrubs to help your skin look younger and more beautiful.


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