USA went to meet Putin, Ukraine under threat: “the world war Starts”

США пошли навстречу Путину, Украина под угрозой: "Начнется мировая война"

The US is preparing to leave the Ukrainians alone to fight the Russian invaders, led by Vladimir Putin

Warned about this journalist muzhdabaev. On his page in Facebook he pointed to the unexpectedly warm relations between the Americans and the Russians.

The muzhdabaev showed a photo from the Russian city of Sochi, where the U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The author drew attention on the serene view of the representative of Donald trump the leader of the aggressor:

США пошли навстречу Путину, Украина под угрозой: "Начнется мировая война"

“Nothing special, trump in Helsinki looked even worse as a slave. Warm smiles, good friends. Next to the Fuhrer of the “Russian world”, which is already at war in several countries and climbs in the West, including the United States, from all cracks, they don’t feel uncomfortable. No disgust, nor even chill”.

According to the muzhdabaev, USA and Russia really want to negotiate. “Not to understand this, you have to be slavemarket”, — said the journalist. It can be seen in a complacent mood around the meeting of politicians and publications of Donald trump. According to Muzdybaev, the presidents of Russia and the USA can agree on a status quo type post-war as it was with Baltic countries during the Soviet era. Then the Americans did not recognize the occupation, despite the loss of tens of thousands of people.

“Now the West wants to “close the topic” Ukraine. Not to say that the entire West, but most of the current elites in the most powerful countries. Elite absolutely stupid, cowardly and fucking, sample 1938. There will be a feint from the West — largely depends on the Ukrainian people and the new President of Ukraine”, — said the muzhdabaev.

США пошли навстречу Путину, Украина под угрозой: "Начнется мировая война"

The journalist is sure that in Ukraine’s foreign policy reached a turning point. The indifference of the Ukrainians may soon destroy. Salvation, according to the author, will be the determination of the people to give a fierce resistance of Russia and steadfastness in the armed conflict in the East. Otherwise, the United States together with the Western allies will inevitably go on about Rossi that will result in global catastrophe:

“If we passively accept that the West left us alone with Russia, if the West will feel that we do not want to resist to the last, if we go down in internal squabbles, if again sachatamia between “civilizations”, if you will give chance in the country revenge-seekers — the West 100% but we’ll throw. He is not eager for us to “suffer”. And if the conciliatory signals from Ukraine turn away with relief, with pleasure. And do not understand what you have done until the start of world war II.”

Finally muzhdabaev showed that the United States has already made concessions to the Russians. They have simplified the issuance of nonimmigrant visas for Russian citizens. Konsulstvo Moscow decided to accept 100 applications more.

We will remind, Russia has found a way to win the Zelensky: “a significant occasion for the attack”.

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