USA made Crimea in the “black list”: what happens

США внесли Крым в "черный список": что происходит

In the United States began to ignore the existence of the Crimea

One of the most popular American tourist metapoiskoviki, online service to search for tickets, reservation of hotels and rental cars Kayak made occupied the Crimea in the “black list”, reports segodnya.

Now through service Kayak impossible to find a rental apartment, rooms in a hotel or a car in Yalta, Sevastopol, Alushta, Simferopol and other cities of Russia-occupied Crimea on any date.

США внесли Крым в "черный список": что происходит

The American search engine vacation packages and cruises gives the answer to the query:

“We have not found matching results. Perhaps no one of our providers does not serve the specified direction or at a selected date no results.”

Yesterday, in the port of Odessa NATO ships arrived, following them in the Black sea came the warships of Russia.

So, as part of naval exercises Sea Breeze-2019 that will go to the Black sea, arrived in Ukraine a British destroyer D37 Duncan and three frigates — Toronto (canadian Navy), Turgutreis (Turkish Navy) and Regele Ferdinand (the Navy of Romania).

Last entered the port of Odessa an American guided missile destroyer Carney.

США внесли Крым в "черный список": что происходит

Also, together with the NATO ships in the exercises will be attended by the flagship of the Naval Forces of Ukraine frigate “Hetman Sagaidachniy”.

Today, July 5, it became known that Russia sent ten warships in the Black sea. About it write the Russian mass media.

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The black sea fleet of Russia are going to hold their event, despite the joint exercises of Ukraine and NATO. It announces the arrival of two serious assault of the Russian Navy, “Azov” and “Caesar Kunikov” and three rocket ships with great combat capabilities.

“The ships continue to monitor the activity of NATO ships in the North-Western part of the Black sea and work out the elements of joint navigation and combat maneuvers in the sea polygons, and also carry out the rebuild in a complex system and joint orders”, — stated in the message.

In addition, the Russian Navy is going to conduct missile and artillery fire on sea and air targets from the anti-aircraft missile and artillery complexes.

Recall, NATO ships came to Odessa

As reported Politeka, NATO troops settled in Odessa

Also Politeka told that the EU told why Russia took Azov sea