US troops will be equipped with dental microphones

The Pentagon became interested in the “intracranial” communication system

Войска США оснастят зубными микрофонами

The Pentagon will invest $10 million in the development of a new telecommunications system Molar Mic. Wireless “tooth Mike” is placed in the mouth and provides two-way communication using bone conduction sounds-writes securitylab.

Miniature device, fixed on the back teeth, the fit is performed individually. Molar Mic and act as a waterproof microphone and speaker, providing “invisible” the sound transmission through the bones of the jaw and the skull directly to the inner ear. Bone conduction not only provide a Molar Mic stealth, but also allow you to negotiate without loss of audibility of the surrounding sounds.

According to the developers, the device is able to detect a whisper at a loud enough external noise (e.g. white noise of helicopter engines). Signal transmission is carried out by placed on the neck of the device Neckloop, Tactical and technology near-field magnetic coupling (Near-Field Magnetic Induction, NFMI). The Molar Mic battery supports wireless charging, and to control device includes a remote.

The new technology has already been successfully tested during the military operations in Afghanistan and in operations to rescue victims from hurricane Harvey.

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