US scientist reported the collision of Earth with an unknown planet

The Earth’s collision with a planet-an alien gave a start to new formations of other continents. This argues a scientist from the US after holding their unique observations.

According to the new theory, which sounded scientific Shaolei Zhang, working in one of the universities in the USA, from the incident of collision of the Earth with the planet-an alien appeared other continents. In advance of a clash could occur more than 750 million years ago. As a result, the Rodinia were split. The scientist suggests that the blow fell on the area of the modern Colorado.

Its area is 337 square kilometers, which gives rise to astrophysics Zhang to draw conclusions about the dimensions of the planet-an alien. He argues that the size of the initiator of collision with the Earth can be equated to the parameters of Mars. The cause of The collision of Earth with an unknown planet alien Zhang calls the explosion formed next to the stars in the milky Way. At the moment of detonation, the Solar system was just so blow away the explosion occurred, fell on her. His theory scientist set out in detail in the pages of scientific editions of Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

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