Urgent! The President has decided on a radical step against Zelensky. “Scared…”

Срочно! У президента решились на кардинальный шаг против Зеленского. "Испугался..."

The meeting between newly-elected President Vladimir Zelensky and lawyer were canceled at the request of the latter

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It is reported that the lawyer of Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani, who was supposed to come to Ukraine to meet with newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky, very abruptly cancelled the scheduled visit.

Срочно! У президента решились на кардинальный шаг против Зеленского. "Испугался..."

The reason for the cancellation of the visit to Kiev, as he told Rudolph Giuliani became “debilitating attack”, which exposed the personal lawyer of trump after the announcement of their plans.

According to media reports, Rudolph Giuliani allegedly accused to seek help abroad for re-election trump in 2020, so he decided to cancel his meeting with Vladimir Zelensky.

Personal lawyer Donald trump also suggested that in Ukraine it can be surrounded by people who are “enemies of the President”, and, in some cases, “enemies of the United States,” and in one case — “surrounded by already convicted person who was found involved in helping Democrats in the investigation of 2016”.

“It was feared that the new President will be surrounded, literally, enemies of the President (USA) who was involved in this (the US presidential election 2016) and people associated with other agents of the Democrats,” he explained his point of view, Rudolph Giuliani.

Срочно! У президента решились на кардинальный шаг против Зеленского. "Испугался..."

We previously reported that the personal lawyer of the American President Donald trump was going to come to Kiev for a meeting with the newly elected head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. In particular, Rudolph Giuliani, wanted to convince the newly elected President to continue the investigations begun in Ukraine concerning the involvement of politicians in the American elections.

We are talking about two issues – the investigation of spectracolor USA Robert Mueller regarding attributed to Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections 2016 and on alleged links son of Vice President Joseph Biden with a gas company owned by one of Ukrainian oligarchs.

Recall, Poroshenko was caught on procurement in the Russian Federation, involved, said: “for our money,” the booming scandal.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky suddenly turned to Poroshenko: “I beg you, turn the key”.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko awarded the culprit mashtabnykh disaster, lost billions: “This is the biggest scandal.”