Urgent question: the category of citizens who can not get a pension in 2019

Who Ukrainians can deprive of pension.

Актуальне питання: категорії громадян, які можуть не отримати пенсії в 2019 році

Ukrainians that live in another country, unable to deny accrual of pension, informs Rus.Media.

If the state that is home to the citizen of Ukraine, has signed with Ukraine an agreement and deducts pension contributions, then such citizen has the right to Ukrainian pension.

This may relate to some immigrants and those Ukrainians, who failed to earn the necessary experience.

Pension payments can stop if the citizens do not live at the place of registration. The Pension Fund explain that the payment can cancel if you find out that the migrant is a pensioner not residing at the official residence.

In 2019 will be left without pensions citizens who do not have relevant work experience at least 15 years. If you have 15-16 years of experience in the pension to reach 65 years, if between 16 to 26 years old in 63.

Article 49 of the Law of Ukraine “About obligatory pension insurance” provides that the decision to cancel pensions can take not only the court but also any territorial subdivision of the Pension Fund.

However, there are positive moments in the sphere of Ukrainian pensions. In Minsotspolitiki noted that the pension for the 2019-2021 year will each year be increased by 200 UAH.

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