Urgant has shocked fans with statement on homosexuality

Showman said, why not going to play gay.

Ургант шокировал фанатов заявлением о гомосексуализме

The famous TV presenter Ivan Urgant shocked his numerous fans, a statement about homosexuality. During the shooting of rapper Busta GazLive, where he acted as special guest stars answered the question viewers about how it could play a homosexual. Urgant began to laugh it off, saying that nature gave him for it all, including stylish mustache, however, the rapper demanded the showman a more clear answer. This Ivan said that I would not like to participate in such films, because they attracted too much attention because of the involvement of all sorts of awards.

The broadcaster said that can’t watch kissing in movie gay, as he is very unpleasant. However, Urgant said that is tolerant of gay, saying that gay can be, and Jack Nicholson, and Nikita Mikhalkov, and even keira Knightley. We will remind, Ivan has four children with his wife Natalia Kiknadze.

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