Uprising in Roberval prison inmates claimed more privileges

prison-roberval-ete-theatre-soulevementPrisoners who have risen in the night from Saturday to Sunday at the prison in Roberval, have had time to break windows – even outside – and furniture before being mastered by Corrections Response Team to emergency. The prisoners rebelled because they wanted to have more privileges.

The nine detainees refused to obey the orders of the officers at the time to head to the cells. These defendants awaiting trial or sentencing. They threatened the staff in place, said President of the Union of Peace Officers in Correctional Services of Quebec, Mathieu Lavoie.

Cayenne pepper has been necessary to control the thugs. The operation would be completed around 1 pm 30 am.

“The prisoners want more visits, more access to the parlor, more outings in the yard … More privileges, which says Lavoie. The word privilege specifies that it can not be given to them for nothing. This is not a Club Med! ”

Even if they managed to break at least one outer pane, prisoners could not escape. The Correctional Emergency Response Team of the equivalent of the riot corrections, managed to force detainees, according to information provided by the President of the Union, who spoke to members on site.

The officers therefore prevented an additional lift.

“Inside the walls, we have a customer who is not even when the Quebec cream. We must intervene in this context, “he says.


The union now hopes that the defendants will face charges in connection with this event.

“We hope there will be charges against the defendants. charges we really want to show the prisoners it is not the right attitude to adopt. There was harm. ”

No officers were injured in the operation. It would be the same prisoners.

Internal inquiry

On the side of the Ministry of Public Security, it is stated that an internal investigation will be set up. The Communications Manager, Alexandra Pare, speaks of “disorder” to describe the event. “These are things that happen on occasion. There was also a disorder in a prison in Montreal last week. ”

The Ministry ensures the safety of places and people is not compromised.

The Surete du Quebec was called in reinforcement, shortly before midnight, to encircle the new prison. However, the police have not penetrated the walls of the establishment.

Regain control
Mathieu Lavoie argues that we should “take control of our institutions.”

“This reinforces our stance that the balance leans to one side, says the president of the Union of Peace Officers in Correctional Services of Quebec. In the 80s, the pendulum leaned more toward repression. Now, power is on the other side. We must bring it to the center. ”

The mayor wants 15 recruits

The mayor of Roberval, Guy Larouche, stands behind the union’s position and wish him also that 15 officers be hired. The event happened in the night from Saturday to Sunday “is not safe for people, for prisoners and for prison employees,” according to the mayor.

“With this event, I want to be sure that there will be many more agents. Let them go there with 15. It is not safe for the population. What is reassuring is to see how quickly the SQ came in support. It was very effective. It was not long before things return to normal. (…) This event raises many questions. If the guardians must make a lot of overtime, if they are tired, it is clear that they are less vigilant. ”

Roberval city council will meet Monday. “A letter will be sent to the Ministry. Monday, with the Board, we will see if we go further, decide what actions will be installed. Will we adopt a resolution? We will decide on Monday. ”

hired agents
The seven new officers hired by the Ministry of Public Security will take office on 15 July. The union was asking 15.

“Hiring has been slow and see what happens. It takes investments in the entire prison system. Currently, the question is, “Where will this next time Which prison?” “Last week, a similar event occurred in Montreal, confirms the Ministry.

Working Committee
A working committee involving the union and management has already been set up, at the opening of the prison to analyze the organization of work and make proposals to that effect.

In an email, the Ministry claims to be confident that the addition of seven new agents will improve the situation.

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