Up for sale is a vintage convertible VAZ over 1 700 000 virtually any

Fans of unusual vehicles of the LADA brand are likely to know about Sergey Smye, to build a unique car. Interesting is the fact that VAZ is a convertible and is offered for 1 700 000 roubles.

Homemade car developed on the platform of the iconic Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 1936. The documents indicated that the car is considered as the WHA’s 1974 release.

In fact, craftsman has used components from different manufacturers. The convertible chassis is taken from an old Mercedes-Benz, and the engine is borrowed from the VAZ-2101. Under the hood of the car placed the 1.3-litre 69 HP petrol engine. Therefore, the motorist has boasted its commitment to the Russian automotive industry.

The car body has stylish design and is made from aluminum and fiberglass. When considering the exterior of the convertible catches the eye of motorcycle brake lights. However, according to Sergey, his transport still needs to be finalized.

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