Until the end of the year, the company Waymo will launch a public service unmanned taxi

Unmanned vehicles Waymo 10000000 miles traveled on public roads.

До кінця року компанія Waymo запустить загальнодоступний сервіс безпілотного таксі

Waymo the company announced that its Autonomous cars have driven 10 million miles on public roads in the United States. In parallel with the real and virtual races are held in which models of drones drove almost seven billion miles, informs Rus.Media.

There are several basic methods of testing unmanned vehicles. Developers usually start with races on closed polygons with almost ideal conditions, and most importantly, without the people who may suffer due to incorrect operation of control algorithms. Subsequently, the engineers, as a rule, complicate the task and are administered on the ground stationary and moving obstacles, as well as simulate the races with the help of computer simulation. However, all these methods only partially replicate the real conditions, so after the initial sharpening algorithms developers produce cars on public roads with a driver, always ready to seize control.

Engineers Waymo, which at the end of 2016 has been converted into a separate company with the project of self-driving cars have started stage testing driverless cars on public roads in 2009. Now the company has announced an important achievement as her car drove in such conditions more than ten million miles (with 16.09 million km), and their virtual replicas overcame almost seven billion miles (of 11.27 billion kilometers). The tests took place on the roads of the 25 American cities, not only in warm and Sunny climate in Arizona, but, for example, in the snowy mountains of California.

The company said that, despite such vast experience, her cars still not in all aspects of ride sharing it with people. For example, they behave very cautiously on the lanes on the highways, trying to integrate into the traffic, or perfectly follow the rules of stopping and Parking, from-for what passengers are spending more time on their routes. The company said that over the next ten million miles, it will attempt to fix the last bugs and make the trip not only safe but also fast.

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Long distance, which overcome the drones, has enabled them to improve the control algorithms to a sufficiently high level. The Department of motor vehicles California that requires companies that experience unmanned vehicles on the roads of the state, to disclose the trip, in the early years published an annual report showing which cars Waymo were the most independent. On average, drivers test Waymo had to take control once at almost nine thousand kilometers, while the nearest competitor Cruise is such a need occurred 4.5 times more frequently.

Since the quality of control algorithms for unmanned cars became so high, she plans to soon begin using its developments to the end of the year to start in Phoenix, Arizona and around the service unmanned taxi, a private version which it is already testing from the beginning of 2017. In the future she plans to expand the service to several other American cities and for this purpose ordered Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 62 thousand minivans Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

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