Unpredictable summer again “struck”: the weatherman presented a new Outlook

Непредсказуемое лето вновь «нанесло удар»: синоптики представили новый прогноз

Another trick from the weather we can expect. How long can test the patience of the Ukrainians sinapticeski and divide the country literally in half? What are we talking about? Read the weather forecast for Friday, August 16

As predicted by the weather center, in one part of Ukraine, according to the temperature indicators, the autumn came, another continues the summer.

Cold expects Western Ukraine. Well if still cold at night, but during the day the temperature readings are not very similar to summer. So, at night the thermometer here you will see only +10…12°, and in the afternoon the air warms up +21…+23.

In the North, in particular, in the Chernigov region of precipitation. Night in the region the temperature is +12…+14 and day will rise to +27…+29°.

In the East it will be clear, except for Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions, where the rains. At night, it’s +16…+18° C, and in the afternoon to +28…+30°.

In the Center of Ukraine is clear. The exception is rainy Poltava region. At night it is expected +14…+16, and in the afternoon to +23…+25.

A few clouds will be in the South. Night in the region +15…+17, and in the afternoon on thermometers +28…+30°.

Precipitation weather forecasters promise in the Crimea. Night on the Peninsula +18…+20 daytime air temperature +27…+29°.

In Kiev , the probability of rain. A night in the capital will be +13…+15° C, and at +21…+23.

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The wind will blow from the North-West, its strength and speed is 5-10 m/s.

Непредсказуемое лето вновь «нанесло удар»: синоптики представили новый прогноз

Recall, summer has left Ukraine, the cold snap will break even at the resorts.

As reported Politeka, August will force the Ukrainians to suffer: forecasters presented a disappointing weather forecast

Also Politeka wrote that the anomalous weather led to the disaster: all records broken.