Unpleasant mouth value: the doctors called products to save

Неприятный завах изо рта: медики называли продукты для спасения

The doctors named five foods that will make the breath fresher, and better health

Fresh breath makes us more confident, and also indicates the health of the colon and oral cavity.

The breath is always possible with the help of chewing gum or spray for the mouth, but what about those who refused from these harmful products.

To get rid of the unpleasant aftertaste will help fresh herbs.

Неприятный завах изо рта: медики называли продукты для спасения


If at lunchtime you ate some spicy dish with a pungent odor, eat a sprig of dill. They say that this product can overcome even the most unpleasant aroma.


Carnation is also a great deodorant for the mouth. To get rid of the smell of garlic or onions, chew “stud” of this plant for several minutes.

Basil and mint

Not sure how friendly get-togethers after to disguise the smell of alcohol? Yes, this is no easy task, but the leaves of fresh mint or Basil are easy to cope with it.


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On a date or a business meeting you don’t have to worry about bad breath if before rendezvous to eat some fresh ginger.

We will add, earlier we reported on how to brush your teeth, because if done incorrectly, the unpleasant mouth odor can not be avoided.

So, the teeth should be brushed at least two minutes twice a day. Studies show that the duration of brushing should be no less than two minutes. The duration depends on the efficiency of cleaning of the oral cavity, reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Неприятный завах изо рта: медики называли продукты для спасения

When brushing your teeth, you need to pay attention to equipment cleaning. The most effective method of cleansing the teeth is recognized as the technique of bass. Recommendations according to this technique, the following: place the brush at a 45 degree angle relative to the surface of the teeth. Make smooth “sweeping” motion from front to back teeth. Chewing surface of the teeth should be cleaned in a circular motion. Don’t forget to clean the tongue.

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