Unorthodox is a residential building, the Ukrainians are in a panic: “flying axes, sounds like from the jungle”

Чертовщина происходит в обычном жилом доме, украинцы в панике: "летят топоры, звуки, как из джунглей"

House with strange inhabitants terrifies the whole village, the people are left frightened and worried for the children who live there

The Ukrainians are in fear of a strange house, which is located in one of the settlements of Ukraine, writes Politeka with reference to the press service of the TV channel “Ukraine”. The inhabitants of the village tell that this home can hear strange voices. Some of them describe how the sounds of the jungle. If these houses are neighbors, then they can fly a variety of things from forks to the axes. It scares the residents.

Чертовщина происходит в обычном жилом доме, украинцы в панике: "летят топоры, звуки, как из джунглей"

On the controversial backyard lives a family which consists of grandmother, Galina and mother of two sons (26-year-old Sergei, and 13-year-old Dmitry) Alexandra. Previously, the family all was well. But oddities began happening for several years. They ceased with someone communicate from the village. The neighbors have repeatedly tried to call the police but she just shrugs.

Witnesses said that 13-year-old Dmitry was an ordinary kid, but eventually stopped to chat with friends. Almost never leaves home, doesn’t go to school. Neighbors say that the boy is human speech produces different sounds, barks — generally similar to Mowgli.

The villagers are not going to sit idly by and have already written an application to the guardianship, to check the conditions in which the child lives. But no response followed. The neighbors say that he is calm and obedient boy.
His older brother has some mental problems, but both brothers friendly — always together doing something in the yard.

Чертовщина происходит в обычном жилом доме, украинцы в панике: "летят топоры, звуки, как из джунглей"

When Sergei leaves his house and goes outside, he is seriously frightened passers-by, who begin to shout at him. The guy starts to treat him with aggressive behavior.

“Society should not be indifferent to complex families, especially when in danger is a child. If the person is not fulfilling its duty to the child, and even puts him in danger, hiding from everyone, we urgently need to react to save a child’s life” — says a leading talk show on the channel Alexey Sukhanov.

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