Unknown disease kills teenager: can not walk

Неизвестная болезнь убивает подростка: уже не может ходить

Teenager knocked down an unknown science illness. Parents have already spent a fortune to get the diagnosis of your child

Parents spent about 35 thousand pounds to diagnose a mysterious illness that struck their teen son.

This writes the British edition Daily Mail.

Malaise at the teenager began in January 2018. Then he complained to the parents for pain and burning sensation in the chest. The parents immediately appealed to the medical institution. But it didn’t help and after a month the boy had to go to home schooling.

Неизвестная болезнь убивает подростка: уже не может ходить

After some time he found it hard to walk. While the doctors were treating a young man from gastritis, but the symptoms did not pass, and he was getting worse. Two months after the first manifestations of the disease Valentino began to move about in a wheelchair. So he missed my prom.

Survey of Teens conducted by different doctors put different diagnoses. After the gastritis was decided that Valentino had Lyme disease. After that it was time to treat it with supplements. Other doctors tried to fight with chronic fatigue syndrome and celiac ataxia, but also to no avail.

Неизвестная болезнь убивает подростка: уже не может ходить

The parents decided to continue fundraising for genetic testing and consultation with the immunologist and rheumatologist. They are struggling to show my son that need to continue to fight.

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