Unique haircuts “under the axe”

And you would agree to be cut with an axe?

Унікальні стрижки «з-під сокири»

Stylist and a tireless experimenter from Novosibirsk Daniel Istomin invites to your beauty salon, all interesting and bold, as it cuts its customers not scissors, and an axe. Of course, very sharp, well calibrated for weights and center of gravity, but still not a pair of scissors and an axe, informs Rus.Media.

According to Daniel, with an axe to create hairstyles much easier than scissors in this case, at one blow performed the action that you want to spend a dozen or more slices with scissors. Besides, it’s completely different instruments, but because of the hair “from under the axe” are exclusive, with a twist, an original design.

Note that Daniel Istomin and others have tried unusual ways of cutting, for example, cut his blindfold, allowing you to create the hairstyle, he says, the inner vision of the third eye, which is never wrong, cut two pairs of scissors, holding them in both hands, and so on. However, the haircut with an axe, as he understood, in the end, most optimally for him and for his clients too…

However, not all users of the Internet who have watched videos about how Daniel Istomin cuts with the axe, I agree that is the best way to create a beautiful hairstyle. For example, a certain Nikolay Arefiev in his commentary writes that he is a professional sharpener of tools, including hairdressing scissors, sometimes very expensive, as much for 1500-2500 euros, which he sharpened for the best beauty salons in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and so on. In his opinion, cutting with an axe is just a PR stylist or original show, but because such “skills” can lead to trouble, and very large.

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What if Danilo to try to cut with an axe blindfolded? As the saying goes, two in one…

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