Unique financial platform for Ukrainian entrepreneurs

Уникальная финансовая платформа для украинских предпринимателей

In April of 2019 held a traditionally important event for representatives of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine – the Third Financial Fair, the aim of which is convergence and collaboration of entrepreneurs, international donors, partner banks and local authorities

Natalia Dadiverin, Director of PLEON Talan , an exclusive representative of the international network Ketchum in Ukraine, told about cooperation with the nub and communications support to financial programs.

  1. How long do you work with the German-Ukrainian Fund?

Our team organizes and provides communications support lending programs, which are the GUF (German-Ukrainian Fund) with the financial support of the German Government and German development Bank KfW carried out for the past 3 years. During the cooperation with the GUF organized 3 Financial Fair, which was attended by more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, and ensure the implementation of the program of integrated marketing communications in support of the program.

Уникальная финансовая платформа для украинских предпринимателей

  1. How did the idea of creating presentation of the Financial Fairs?

As he noted Mr. Lutz horn-Haacke, Director of the Ukrainian office of German development Bank KfW, the idea of holding Financial Fairs for small and medium enterprises (SME) was born in 2016, when representatives of the German development Bank KfW has developed a new project for SMEs. The fact that in Ukraine there are no platforms where the financial sector format of the fair may submit their financial products for SMEs. At the same time in order to find out about special products for SMEs, entrepreneurs should avoid all banks and spend a few days. It was decided to create a format where banks and leasing companies will be able to meet with SMEs and offer them your products and business will be able to hear the success stories of other entrepreneurs, to receive information on new SME projects nub, international donors and MFIs.

Уникальная финансовая платформа для украинских предпринимателей

  1. That provided communications support program?

Is a comprehensive program of integrated marketing communications to build knowledge about the financial programs of the Foundation, whose purpose is to inform potential participants about such programs and the mechanism for participation. There was also a special project – Financial Fair in order to gather in one place representatives of SMEs, partner banks, and international donor cooperation.

Уникальная финансовая платформа для украинских предпринимателей

  1. I can share the results of the Financial Fair?

Goal is exclusively targeted audience. This year we have kolonizirali with more than 780 businesses and about 500 attended the event, which featured 30 speakers (representatives of the financial and public sectors), and their loan products presented 12 financial institutions and 2 leasing companies. The media received 85 materials.

Among representatives of SMEs, 86% of participants answered that the Fair met their expectations, and 9% exceeded. 68% of financial institutions found new clients at the event, which was held in Parkovy center.

Among the honorary guests were present: Dr. Ernst Reichel, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine; Hugues Mingarelli, the European Union Ambassador and head of the EU delegation to Ukraine; Lutz horn-Haacke, Director of the office of the German state development Bank KfW in Ukraine; Kateryna Rozhkova, Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Уникальная финансовая платформа для украинских предпринимателей