Unexpected use of hairspray in the home

If the house has a hairspray, it can be a true rescue in many difficult life situations.

Несподіване застосування лаку для волосся в побуті

Care for feet

Using paint for the legs you can get rid of the sliding feet inside the summer shoes, spraying a little money on the feet.

Strength tights

Before you wear them spray on tights, hair, make them strong and let things last longer, informs Rus.Media.


If suddenly the room was found an ant, a fly or any other insect, you can spray more lacquer and it will not come back into the room.

The beauty of flowers

To make the bouquet last longer, it can cover the vehicle for styling, which will fix the petals and will not allow them to fall.

Means for ignition

If a piece of wood to cover the hair, the fire will ignite faster. Most importantly, know when to stop.

Skin brushing

A little bit of hairspray can be applied to ink stains and markers that remained on natural skin, wait five minutes and then wipe clean with a soft dry cloth. If necessary, the procedure must be repeated. After removal of a stain sheen will return the skin greasy cream or oil, which should be well rubbed.

Tool for self-defense

A small spray of hairspray will help to protect yourself. The tool can be sprayed in the face of an attacker, who does not particularly hurt, but people will get a chance to run away.

Clean clothes

To remove from clothing fine dust and hairs, spray hairspray on a towel and wipe them things, brushing away lint. The bonus is that the fabric will get antistatic effect, then it will be nothing to cling to.

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