Unexpected happened with the Crimean bridge, hope Putin collapsed: details

Непредвиденное случилось с Крымским мостом, надежды Путина рухнули: подробности

The grandiose plans of Russia about the Crimean bridge has died

Curiously, the invaders found this ridiculous explanation.

Despite the fact that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the spring of this year vowed that a railroad through the Crimean bridge will be completed “ahead of schedule” and empty trains, on the bridge plan failed miserably, writes RBC-Ukraine.

Непредвиденное случилось с Крымским мостом, надежды Путина рухнули: подробности

The fact that the Russians have postponed the launch of the freight trains from December this year in the summer. And found this unconvincing reason – is really important.

All “blame” a certain ancient city. “The decision about the new date of the launch of freight traffic by rail on the Crimean bridge is connected with the transfer of the site of the Kerch approach to keep found on the path of building an ancient city,” said the invaders.

Recall that in the autumn of 2018, the railway construction workers found archaeological monument — trading post that was built in the IV century BC.

The Russians decided to keep such a valuable find and you examine it carefully. Therefore, it was decided to move the railroad to 140 meters. Such plans, by the way, required additional financial investments. So, the cost of construction of railway approaches to the bridge rose 3.38 billion. In the end, the cost of the construction of “Putin’s pride” to 31.04 billion. And maybe this is not the limit.

Earlier we wrote that the Crimean bridge can be useful for Ukraine after the de-occupation of the Peninsula. Such opinion was sounded by a military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

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According to him, the Crimean bridge, which likes to boast about the President of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin is unreliable, but may be useful to Kiev.

Them Ukraine will be able to use it, says Oleg Zhdanov, immediately after the de-occupation of the Peninsula. Moreover, the military expert agrees that the Crimean bridge is unreliable as there are problems not only with ecology, but with Geophysics.

Непредвиденное случилось с Крымским мостом, надежды Путина рухнули: подробности

“Because God forbid that he stood for. From the point of view of economy, this bridge is a very good structure. If we return Crimea under the jurisdiction of Ukraine, for us, again from the point of view of economy and transport interchange, the bridge will be a useful acquisition”, — explained the expert.

Zhdanov also noticed that even though the controversial Crimean bridge is a little limiting the work of Ukrainian ports Mariupol and Berdyansk, but, nevertheless, development of transport infrastructure with the countries of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, the Ukraine, the bridge will bring many benefits.

Recall that in the occupied Crimea stopped doing surgery under anesthesia.

As reported Politeka, Kerch bridge will collapse: Nibiru seize part of Ukraine and will hit the invaders

Also Politeka wrote that the ex-adviser to Putin said that Russia will withdraw from the Donbas and Crimea.