Unexpected happened to Zelensky, the paramedics arrived: disclosed the truth about injections President

Непредвиденное случилось с Зеленским, приехали врачи: раскрыта правда об уколах президента

Vladimir Zelensky during a break at the press-marathon was forced to take the help of experts, which made him special shots

Communication of the President of Ukraine with journalists lasted more than eight hours.

Thursday, October 10, in Kiev at 10:00 started with the press conference of the head of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. The event takes place in the format of press marathon, during which Zelensky communicates with the press, which are formed in groups of 7-10 people. Half an hour later the group changes.

Непредвиденное случилось с Зеленским, приехали врачи: раскрыта правда об уколах президента

In one of the breaks press marathon Zelensky needed urgent expert help (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end), according to telegrams-channel Klymenko Time.

The head of state had to do injections for the support of the vocal cords in order not to lose the voice. “Link is my weak spot, you know. But we were prepared, came (professionals — approx.) which makes me some of the procedures. If you lose the voice – will return”, explained Zelensky.

Earlier we wrote that Vladimir Zelensky unexpectedly set a world record during his communication with journalists. His conference lasted for more than eight hours and broke the previous record by at least 45 minutes.

This fact is recorded in the National registry of records and presented the award Zelensky directly on a press-marathon, which has not yet ended.

Press Secretary of the President Julia Mendel stated that specifically for the record no one was prepared

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“There were no signs of such action, before the 5 hours we were not warned that a possible world record. We have carried out the examination. Now the press-conference lasts more than 8 hours, and the record, I will not say whose, exceeded 45 minutes. And from what I hear, you still have hours to ten, nine to work,” – said the representative of the registry records.

Непредвиденное случилось с Зеленским, приехали врачи: раскрыта правда об уколах президента

He also gave Zelensky certificate. The head of state noted that the awards does not like.

Let us add that the previous record of communication with the press belonged to the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. His press conference lasted 7 hours 21 minutes.

Also we will add that in the evening the head of state was finally able to eat pizza. Zelensky just ate it while chatting with another group of journalists.

We will remind, the expert explained, what awaits Ukraine in the near future: “Steinmeier has developed the formula”.

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