Unemployed : when job offers are scams

Fraudulent offers of employment are quite prevalent on the site.


On the site of Pôle emploi, the offer was rather enticing : “The collector of private funds. “Last August, John has been unemployed for four months, tells the story of The Obs
, and the wage rate announced of 1 500 euros is tempting. After a first contact by phone, he ignores his reservations and decides to apply. The work is “to collect the cheques with seven tenants, then place them on [his] account, store 250 euros, and then pay the remaining amount due” on the account of the employer.

John is assigned to it by the author of the offer of a first mission, even as the work contract is not yet signed. “I was going to receive a first cheque of 1 370 euros a tenant. I had to cash it and donate 1 € 120 on another account unknown, allegedly that of an architect “, he says to the weekly. “I received the cheque of the tenant. For safety, I tried to join without success. Finally, it is he who has contacted me to ensure that I had received his email. Two days later, my online account was credited with 1 370 euros. For me, it meant that it was good. “Reassured, John sends the money. But, two weeks after that, it is the cold shower. He learns from his bank the existence of a checking period for cheques of up to 60 days. The silver has beautiful appear on his online account, it is not cashed. The cheque deposited by John suffers from a failure to sign, he got scammed. He complains and prevents the job center, which informs him that he is the second victim of the week.

Certification of the accounts of companies

Jean’s story is not unique, the testimonies are numerous, in France, to tell the scams under the guise of an offer of employment on the site of the public establishment. Indeed, it is possible for a company to post-employment opportunities : it is enough for him to create a ” space company “, as The Obs has been able to do without problem, using a false e-mail address and employer identification number recovered on the Internet. Job center recognizes that the problem is recurring, a page of board is in line to warn against the ” illegal recruitment “. In 2016, 4 800 fake company accounts were blocked, and at least 11 000 fake offers have been made available to job seekers.

In October 2016, the agency said, however, to France Bleu have found a parade to these fraudulent offers, explaining that it would not be possible to open a space recruiter without certification by an officer Pôle emploi. But the space recruitment of individuals, for childcare, for example, remained accessible without verification. At the time, the public body announced the arrival of a check using a social security number, in the ” next few days “.

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