Underground cannabis greenhouses dismantled in Acton Vale

serres-cannabis-souterraines-dissimulees-cette(Acton) A cannabis production network was knocked out Wednesday by police when they conducted 10 searches, including several in Acton Vale. Underground greenhouses have even been discovered. More than 2,500 plants and 4,500 cuttings were seized. Nine people were arrested.

In Roxton Street at the entrance to the town of Acton Vale, a commercial building occupied by two businesses housed the two underground greenhouses cannabis. The plants were growing in the shops. About 500 plants were seized there.

Police also searched two garages and three residences located on Route 139 in particular, on the Roger Street and 2nd place in Acton Vale.

The important cannabis growers network was not limited to Acton Vale. He had tentacles in Drummondville, Saint Eugene and Saint-Pie-de-Guire, where three houses and a garage were the subject of searches.

In the end, the police seized more than 2,500 marijuana plants, more than 4,500 cuttings of cannabis in bulk as well as all equipment used to produce drugs. They also got their hands on over $ 5,000 in Canadian funds and about $ 15,000 in US currency.

“The investigation began just a few months after information received from the public shows that this network could then produce cannabis for at least a year,” says Sergeant Ingrid Asselin, spokesman for the Sûreté du Québec Montérégie.

Eight men aged between 23 and 64 years and a woman in her thirties, were arrested. “There was a bond between them,” says the Sergeant Asselin. The suspects were to be accused among others of production of cannabis Wednesday at the courthouse in St. Hyacinthe. Only the woman was released.

More arrests could occur.

The massive operation was orchestrated by the department of investigation of major crimes SQ. Officers positions of Acton Vale and Drummondville and the RCMP participated in the strike. Eighty police were mobilized.

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