Uncovered the mysterious cause of death of the passenger, rowdy: this video explains everything

Раскрыта таинственная причина гибели пассажира-дебошира: это видео объясняет все

The details have surfaced of the incident the passenger of flight Moscow – Simferopol, who later died at Domodedovo

Due to the inappropriate behavior of men, the aircraft had to divert back to the departure airport Domodedovo, Interfax reported.

It became known that before the death of the passenger beat the wife and attacked stood up for her neighbors in the salon.

Раскрыта таинственная причина гибели пассажира-дебошира: это видео объясняет все

In the Internet appeared the footage, filmed by an eyewitness on Board the aircraft on which the author says that the man suddenly “started to go crazy,” shouted that “pilots asleep” and that all will die.

“He yelled something and he broke the phone of your neighbor just to the head,” said the girl, who shot the video.

Flight attendants shared with other passengers grabbed and tied rowdy. Due to the ill health of a man and inadequate behaviour of the commander of the ship decided to return to airport of departure.

After landing in Domodedovo passenger-rowdy handed over to the medics.

Раскрыта таинственная причина гибели пассажира-дебошира: это видео объясняет все

Also in the sequel as a passenger of this flight said that they flew well, after the man landed in Domodedovo, and nothing happened.

However it became known later that the man died at the airport where it was left. According to preliminary data, he died from congestive heart failure and the doctors are unable to help him.

Upon the death of a passenger prosecuted for causing death by negligence. It was noted that the man suffered from mental illness.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian plane was involved in another emergency.

According to Russian propagandists, the incident occurred at the airport of Kurgan.

A passenger plane that had to perform the flight Kurgan-Moscow, was detained at the local airport.

According to available information, the aircraft with passengers on Board could not fly from the airport of Kurgan due to technical problems.

“The flight is delayed due to technical problems. The airline now awaits specialists from Tyumen to fix them”, — stated in the message.

It should be noted that the airport management declined in the comment to journalists state the nature of the problems, which a passenger plane could not fly to Moscow.

According to the schedule of the airport, the flight is operated by Boeing 737-500 of UTair aviation.

Recall that two planes with people collided in the air: a lot of victims, details of a mysterious tragedy.

As reported Politeka, with Putin’s plane was an emergency, raised NATO fighters.

Politeka also wrote that the plane crashed on a popular route: “passengers were trapped in a fire”.