Ulyana Suprun: smartphones can be hazardous to health

The purity of the smartphone must follow as well as for hand hygiene. Otherwise not to avoid problems with health.

Уляна Супрун: смартфони можуть бути небезпечними для здоров&#039я

We often keep the phone in a warm and they can heat up. Such conditions create a favorable environment for microorganisms.

Most of these bacteria can be the causative agents of intestinal and skin infections, increase the risks of acute intestinal poisoning, or cause the flu, informs Rus.Media.

“There are different ways to maintain the hygiene of disinfecting wipes to technology in special ultraviolet cases, which can be used for purses, and for hours.

More versatile, effective and affordable way can be alcohol-based disinfectants: alcohol-containing hand sanitizer, spray or wipes, for example, based on isopropyl alcohol. Or use regular wipes, but they also clean the surface, although you do not have disinfecting properties,” said Suprun.

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