Ukrzaliznytsia is preparing a “fatal” blow, the ticket prices soar: Ukrainians in touch

Укрзализныця готовит «фатальный» удар, цены на билеты взлетят: украинцы в ауте

Booming new scandal uz

And again, hurt passengers, who have already suffered plenty from the railway company.

So, the Railways wants to increase ticket prices. This “pleasant” news stunned all the company’s Director Evgeny Kravtsov, writes UNIAN.

Укрзализныця готовит «фатальный» удар, цены на билеты взлетят: украинцы в ауте

He said that the company transports passengers at a loss and so the ticket price should rise – up to the cost of transportation.

“We have a high demand, but low prices that do not cover the cost of transportation. With this need to do something. Therefore, we raise the issue at the state level”, – said the head of the company.

Kravtsov also noted that the increase in prices of tickets will not only help to make transportation without losses, but also increase the number of wagons.

“Now we have about three thousand wagons, we still have about five hundred,” – said Evgeny Kravtsov.

As previously reported, the Railways once again became the center of a scandalous high-profile corruption investigation. At this time, the company “caught” on the purchase of towels and towels.

The company held a tender in which the Railways will become the lucky buyer of 200 towels at a price of 4,1 thousand hryvnias and 200 linen towels at 3.6 thousand hryvnia, the magazine writes railroad without corruption.

The entire purchase will cost the company a little more than half a million hryvnia.

It is reported that Ukrzaliznytsia CLO presented two bids for the announced the purchase of 200 shirts and 200 linen towels. One of the applications the enterprise failed because the company which, by the way, the product cost three times less, has no experience in the matter of implementation of government contracts.

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Укрзализныця готовит «фатальный» удар, цены на билеты взлетят: украинцы в ауте

That is, the rail carrier will get the towels and towels for “space” price.

It is also noted that the firm that provide the goods Ukrzaliznytsya “gold” towels is registered in the capital on the street Sorting, 2. Found out that this address is the apartment house.

Ukrainians terribly outraged by this situation. However, Internet users commented, not without humor: “But there is embroidery!”.

Recall that in the train “uz” there was another emergency, only a miracle saved the child

As reported Politeka, hell train Railways brought Ukrainians to the tantrums.

Also Politeka wrote that “Ukrzaliznytsya” brought passengers to hysteria, not often to be seen.