Ukrainka died under strange circumstances: “going on the road,” the details of the tragedy

Украинка погибла при странных обстоятельствах: "собиралась в дорогу", подробности трагедии

The suicide occurred in one of the apartment buildings in Kirovohrad region

In Svitlovodsk (Kirovohrad region) was a terrible tragedy. The incident happened a few days ago, and it has become aware of September 30.

According to local media, the 31-year-old girl jumped off a balcony of the seventh floor of his house on the street of Primorsko, 38.

It is known that the suicidal woman off, apparently, was going on the road, wearing before the suicide backpack.

Украинка погибла при странных обстоятельствах: "собиралась в дорогу", подробности трагедии

As noted by the local newspaper, a resident of Kirovohrad region was the mother of two children, who lived apart from her.

The girl did make a suicide attempt, but before it was saved father. This time she went to the balcony unnoticed. It is emphasized that the unhappy was of mental disorder.

Arrived the doctors just pronounced him dead on the spot also worked for the police.

Earlier we wrote that 14-year-old schoolgirl, Vita, hanged himself in the barn. The tragedy occurred in the village of Nadrichne (Ternopil region). Local residents and law enforcement agencies suggest that the girl could become a victim of the popular online book “50 days before my suicide”. It turns out that this case is not the first.

It is known that the body of the Vita found 85-year-old grandmother who got the child out of the loop.

According to relatives, the reasons for suicide in adolescents, was not.

We will remind, in the USA man blew up the house to his daughter’s wedding day. So the man decided to commit suicide. The victims were 59-year-old John Evans.

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According to police, in that moment except the man in the house was empty. Most likely, the man turned on the gas and lit the fire.

Украинка погибла при странных обстоятельствах: "собиралась в дорогу", подробности трагедии

Earlier it was reported that the 45-year-old resident of Kharkiv threw herself under a train. The tragedy occurred near the supermarket in the raisins. The man waited for the train and right in front of him laid his head on the rails.

The train did not have time to slow down, because it was unrealistic. Composition cut suicide in half.

The police said the fact that the 45-year-old victim has repeatedly expressed intentions to commit suicide.

Recall also found the famous banker, former head of branch of Danske Bank Aivar the Reha, who disappeared on September 23 and was declared wanted. It was discovered in the garden of the house the Reha in Tallinn, where he committed suicide.

We will remind, the Ukrainian zarobitchane left a trail of blood.

Also Politeka wrote that the trouble happened with the Ukrainian zarobitchane in Poland.

As reported Politeka, the driver specifically shot down a Ukrainian in Poland.