Ukrainians with an incurable disease will not lay down in hospital: “the charm of medical reform continues”

Украинцев с неизлечимой болезнью не будут ложить в больницу: "прелести медреформы продолжаются"

The Ukrainians reported that in the near future will not treat a serious illness in the hospital

Tuberculosis patients may soon be treated on an outpatient basis. Mention it to the acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun.

In her opinion, the one cure for the disease it is necessary to change the approach to treatment.

“However, to have medicines and vaccines are insufficient. You must also update the methods of assistance — as is done throughout the civilized world,” — said acting Minister.

As international experience shows, long-term hospitalization of the patient may cause the formation of drug-resistant forms of the disease.

Украинцев с неизлечимой болезнью не будут ложить в больницу: "прелести медреформы продолжаются"

“We need to treat the patient and not held in the building,” says Suprun.

Suprun also trying to assure that treated as out-patients will only be those patients who do not pose a threat of infection to others. Returning to the scandal that has already caused the cancellation of fluoroscopy, Suprun said that now the family doctor needs to determine the susceptibility to tuberculosis.

“We want every family doctor was a screening questionnaire, which it will determine whether the patient is at risk. If so — send it for further examination. Sputum analysis — a modern diagnostic method, which allows identification of the causative organism in the body for two hours and, if necessary, start treatment immediately,” said Suprun.

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Украинцев с неизлечимой болезнью не будут ложить в больницу: "прелести медреформы продолжаются"

Also earlier it was reported that the medical reform in Ukraine promised to raise the salaries of doctors. However, the realities show that not all the promises have been fulfilled, many health workers lost their jobs, some experts have to flee the country in search of a better life. Now to earn good money can only pediatricians, family doctors and internists. Assuming that many patients will sign with them Declaration — writes Typical Kherson.

The reform envisages that the doctor will get UAH 370 per patient per year. At the same time for children and the elderly is an additional surcharge. So patients up to 5 years will bring the medic 1480 UAH, and over 64 years — 740 hryvnias.

But doctors secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) assistance to victims of medical reform. They, as before did not even dream of surcharges. At the same time, officials insist that the representatives of these categories will catch up with colleagues with the primary just two years. While many specialists, such as surgeons, evaluate almost at the level of nurses or medsester.

Recall, a dangerous disease threatens millions of lives, scientists are sounding the alarm.

As reported Politeka, children EN masse were forbidden to go to the kindergartens in the Lviv region.

Also Politeka wrote that the epidemic in the river reached a high level.