Ukrainians will start issuing the money: who need to move details

Украинцам начнут выдавать деньги: кому стоит поспешить, подробности

The government of Ukraine has allocated millions to help the families of the victims and casualties of soldiers in the area of environmental protection

This was reported by “Government quarter”.

Украинцам начнут выдавать деньги: кому стоит поспешить, подробности

So, just to help the Ukrainians allocated $ 18.6 million hryvnia. Of these, 13 million will go to help the 11 members of fallen soldiers. 5.6 million and sent 11 soldiers who received disability at the front.

As previously reported, became well-known category of Ukrainians which PFCs “special” calculate pensions

As you know, today in Ukraine use a special formula for calculating pensions. However, the main difficulty lies in the fact that for calculation of the size of the payments is not a universal calculator.

In particular, for 20 categories of Ukrainian pensioners use additional pieces of legislation for the calculation of their payments. Among them we can mention people with disabilities, entrepreneurs, doctors, immigrants, police, combatants, and miners. Therefore, when calculating pensions to such categories of citizens need to be especially careful.

Also note that the payments will depend on the type of retirement benefits. So, in our country there are the following types of pensions: disability pensions pension for years of service; to achieve the statutory age (retirement pension); loss of the breadwinner.

Type of pension is important, first of all, because of the implemented pension reform provides for the state support of children with disabilities, disabled children and pensioners, who are unable to earn length. Until 2017, they were paid a pension equal to 949 UAH.

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The Ukrainians, who receive the minimum pension, it is worth considering that the country has changed the calculation of this pension. In the end, after the in October 2017 payments increased by 45%, a 1373 UAH.

Украинцам начнут выдавать деньги: кому стоит поспешить, подробности

Recall that the Ukrainians have tightened the requirements for retirement

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians have radically changed the issue of pensions and grants

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky took the fateful decision on pensions