Ukrainians will sharply raise electricity prices: when to wait for price increase

Украинцам резко поднимут цены на электроэнергию: когда ждать подорожания

In Ukraine from 1 July must earn the electricity market, for which the tariffs should be higher

About it reports “observer”. As you know, the tariffs, according to the document, will determine the balance of supply and demand, not the regulator. Because of this, first, the rates must rise, but then uronate under market pressure.

All this told the Minister of energy Igor Nasalik.

“It may be a short-term period of growth, but at the expense of competition, as a result, rates will back off,” said Nasalik.

Украинцам резко поднимут цены на электроэнергию: когда ждать подорожания

The electricity market enables providers feel more comfortable in the new system. “The main parties stated that no comments to the market they have,” added Nasalik.

Under the new rules the Ukrainians will have the right to choose from whom and at what rate to buy electricity. For example, the Minister explained how to buy energy from a Ukrainian who works nights. If he’s not home, and the consumption occurs during the day, he will be able to choose a special tariff, which is designed to use the “current” day. As a result, the cost of this electricity may be lower, as the peak load traditionally occurs the evening, when the Ukrainians return to work.

Украинцам резко поднимут цены на электроэнергию: когда ждать подорожания

Earlier it was reported that the price of electricity will jump to 3.5 UAH per kilowatt-hour. Up to 3.5 UAH per kilowatt hour will jump the price of electricity for Ukrainians after the final run from July 1 of a new model of a reformed energy market, which is three times more compared to the current weighted average tariff.

About this in his article writes Natalka Pond now.

To such conclusion energy experts and practitioners, because the prices for industrial consumers went up drastically right after the introduction from 1 January 2019, the new model of the retail energy market — the first phase of reforms, carried out in accordance with the Law “On electricity market” (entered into force in June 2017).

In accordance with the provisions of this law, prices for residential customers should be compared with prices for industrial enterprises.

We will remind that the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new decision on tariffs for gas.

As reported Politeka, the government has solved the problem with the charge slips for gas without counters that had been troubling millions of Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that the national Commission published the formula for calculating the fee for gas.